In the Right Skin: Gender Affirmation

A short excerpt from the CMTV report “Na pele certa” (In the right skin), which featured Dr. Rúben Malcata Nogueira’s explanation of gender affirmation surgeries and how the transition from female to male genital organs is surgically performed. More articles Na “Pele Certa”: Afirmação de Género Cicatrizes – Quais os Tipos e Como as Eliminar […]

Scars – What Types and How to Remove Them

We are often asked in consultation how we can eliminate scars. Once it has been done, the scar no longer disappears. However, there are treatments that can help make it virtually unnoticeable. We’ll briefly explain the types of scars that exist and some of the possible treatments to reduce them. More articles Na “Pele Certa”: […]

Dream Transformations: The Surprise

On Tvi’s “Goucha” program on December 7, 2023, we caught up with Dora, who weighed 145 kilos at the age of 15. Now 25, she has lost 80 kilos and had a dream of improving her body, which has undergone major changes as a result of her weight loss. Our team, together with the Cordeiro […]

Breast Cancer: Breast Reconstruction

On National Breast Cancer Prevention Day, we shared on CMTV’s “Manhãs CM” program the story of our patient Cristina Carvalho, who, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, underwent immediate breast reconstruction. A story of courage and overcoming, which reflects the extremely important role of Plastic Surgery in restoring physical and psychological well-being. More articles Na […]

I have scars – how do I make them disappear?

It’s important to know that whenever we have a scar, it won’t disappear. However, when the scars are well planned (surgical scars), the tissues are well manipulated and the technical art is carried out with mastery, the likelihood of obtaining a more favorable healing increases. In a simplistic way, we can think of the surgical […]

Breast cancer: I had a mastectomy and no breast reconstruction. Am I still in time?

The question that gives this short article its title is not uncommon. Often, in consultation, I am confronted with patients who, for one reason or another, have chosen not to undergo Breast Reconstruction. The main reasons are lack of medical information, lack of access to a plastic surgeon or lack of empathy and/or trust. Breast […]

Breast Cancer: Awareness and the Role of Plastic Surgery in Breast Reconstruction

Implantes Mamários: Posicionamentos e Reconstruções Mamárias

Breast Cancer: Awareness and the Role of Plastic Surgery in Breast Reconstruction October is the month to raise awareness of the prevention and early diagnosis of Breast Cancer, one of the most common cancers in the world. On RTP’s “Bom dia, Portugal” program, Dr. Rúben Malcata Nogueira explained the fundamental role of Plastic Surgery in […]

Breast Implants: Positioning and Breast Reconstruction

Implantes Mamários: Posicionamentos e Reconstruções Mamárias

Breast Implants: Positioning and Breast Reconstruction Breast implants are mostly used for aesthetic reasons – when a woman wants to increase her breast volume – but also in cases of breast cancer, where breast reconstruction is necessary. Implants have purposes and specificities that vary from patient to patient, such as their shape, size and even […]

Health: Breast Reconstruction – Restoring self-esteem through plastic surgery

Saúde: Reconstrução Mamária - Devolver de autoestima através da cirurgia plástica

Pink October is the month dedicated to breast cancer awareness. Born in the USA in the 1990s, this movement aims to mobilize society to fight one of the most aggressive cancers. Since then, the color pink has been used to honor women with breast cancer. And never forget that early diagnosis saves lives! Undergoing breast […]

Breast cancer: Restoring hope through plastic surgery

Cancro da mama: Devolver a esperança através da Cirurgia Plástica

Undergoing breast surgery for oncological reasons imposes an immeasurable physical and psychological burden on patients’ lives. Fortunately, with the evolution of medicine and the techniques used, we have seen the adoption of more targeted and less aggressive oncological techniques, as well as reconstructive techniques of varying complexity, but with results that tend to be better […]

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