Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is currently one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeries worldwide. The procedure consists of the augmentation and/or correction of irregularities of the buttocks through the application of the patient’s own fat.

First of all, the surgeon and the patient choose the area where the adipose tissue will be collected in order to fill the buttock. Primeiramente, é escolhida entre o cirurgião e o paciente a área que irá ser o ponto de recolha de tecido adiposo para fazer o preenchimento glúteo.

The fat is then treated and applied through injections in the gluteal region. This process leaves no scars, as the incisions are millimetric and located in natural folds of the body.

As it is a product that belongs to the person themselves, the possibility of rejection does not exist (although there is a percentage of absorption), and the result will be natural to the eye and touch.

It is important that you continue with your healthy lifestyle and that there are no significant weight fluctuations that could influence the work done.

BBL is not suitable for patients with a low body fat percentage. In this case, the solution is a buttock augmentation with implants.

Surgical time: 60 minutes


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Frequently Asked Questions

Before any procedure is carried out, an assessment appointment should be scheduled. It is at this moment that, according to your needs and objectives, you will be presented with a personalised treatment plan appropriate to your situation, and where you can clarify all your doubts in order to move forward in an informed and conscious manner.

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Due to the highly personalized follow-up policy that our team offers (24h/per day), you will have to stay in Portugal for a period of 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the surgery performed.

The performance of tests (analysis, x-ray, ultrasound, among others) will depend on the surgical intervention to be performed.

It is possible to have a consultation by video call. You can schedule your consultation here.

Fundamentally, before any surgical procedure it is necessary to adopt universal measures such as control of known diseases, balanced diet, weight maintenance and stop smoking. The care that follows will be personalised according to the surgery to be performed.

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