After pregnancy or a severe weight loss, the abdominal region may undergo multiple alterations, such as stretch marks, excess skin (forming, in extreme cases, the so-called “apron belly”) and a dilated and rounded abdomen due to the pulling away of the muscles of the abdominal wall (diastasis).

Abdominoplasty is surgery aimed at restoring a firm and toned appearance to the abdominal region by removing excess skin and fat and, in the great majority of cases, repairing the diastasis of the straight abdominal muscles. After excision of the excess skin, the navel (often called the “sad navel”) is repositioned to obtain a more youthful and harmonious result.

Types of Abdominoplasty:

Classic abdominoplasty: when flaccidity is accentuated and correction of the straight abdominal muscles is required. Excess skin is removed at the top and bottom of the navel.

Lipoabdominoplasty: to obtain a greater definition of the abdominal region, Abdominoplasty can be combined with Liposuction to improve the contour and definition.

Miniabdominoplasty: the excess skin is removed only in the area below the navel. Indicated for moderate flaccidity.


The scar of an Abdominoplasty is a horizontal line in the pubic area, known as the “bikini line”. We are talking about a scar identical to a caesarean section, but larger in size, which will be hidden by underwear. The size of the scar varies according to the amount of skin to be removed.

Surgical time:2 hours


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Frequently Asked Questions

Before any procedure is carried out, an assessment appointment should be scheduled. It is at this moment that, according to your needs and objectives, you will be presented with a personalised treatment plan appropriate to your situation, and where you can clarify all your doubts in order to move forward in an informed and conscious manner.

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Due to the highly personalized follow-up policy that our team offers (24h/per day), you will have to stay in Portugal for a period of 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the surgery performed.

The performance of tests (analysis, x-ray, ultrasound, among others) will depend on the surgical intervention to be performed.

It is possible to have a consultation by video call. You can schedule your consultation here.

Fundamentally, before any surgical procedure it is necessary to adopt universal measures such as control of known diseases, balanced diet, weight maintenance and stop smoking. The care that follows will be personalised according to the surgery to be performed.

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