Also known as Dermolipectomy or Thigh Lift, Cruroplasty is the surgery that removes excess skin from the thigh region.

When the patient who comes to us does not have skin laxity, it is possible to achieve more defined, firm, and contoured legs only through liposuction. However, if the patient suffers from significant flaccidity, the solution will also have to be Cruroplasty. In these cases, only liposuction can cause the opposite effect and accentuate the sagging situation, so it is necessary to remove the excess skin to achieve the best possible contour.


Horizontal or inguinal cruroplasty: the incision is made strategically in the natural fold of the groin. It is through this route that the excess skin will be removed.

Vertical Cruroplasty: the incision is made not only in the natural fold of the groin, but also on the inner side of the thigh. Recommended for significant cases of excess skin.

Surgical time: 2 to 3 hours


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Frequently Asked Questions

Before any procedure is carried out, an assessment appointment should be scheduled. It is at this moment that, according to your needs and objectives, you will be presented with a personalised treatment plan appropriate to your situation, and where you can clarify all your doubts in order to move forward in an informed and conscious manner.

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Due to the highly personalized follow-up policy that our team offers (24h/per day), you will have to stay in Portugal for a period of 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the surgery performed.

The performance of tests (analysis, x-ray, ultrasound, among others) will depend on the surgical intervention to be performed.

It is possible to have a consultation by video call. You can schedule your consultation here.

Fundamentally, before any surgical procedure it is necessary to adopt universal measures such as control of known diseases, balanced diet, weight maintenance and stop smoking. The care that follows will be personalised according to the surgery to be performed.

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