Tuberous Breast

We speak of a tuberous breast when there is a congenital deformation of the breast with a conical shape and/or with a deformed areola in the same shape.

It is during puberty that a woman notices that the development of her breast is taking on a tubular shape instead of the round shape. This deformity can occur in a symmetrical way (in both breasts) or in an asymmetrical way (only in one breast).

But why does it happen?
The mammary gland is lined by a fibrous tissue structure – called fascia – which, if it is very rigid, prevents the natural development of the mammary gland, causing its growth to occur only in the direction of the areola, widening it.

This shape alteration can be smooth or very marked, but does not bring any type of complications to the patient’s health. Still, this format can affect a woman psychologically since it does not follow conventional standards of beauty.

How to correct?
The technique used will depend on how severe your case is.

In order to correct the size of the areola, eliminate the fibrous tissue and, in some cases, lift the breast, it is necessary to use Mastopexy techniques. Together with this technique, it is often necessary to place a breast implant so that there is a complete correction of its format and a natural result is obtained.

Surgical time: 90 minutes


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Frequently Asked Questions

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