One of the most sought-after surgeries within the scope of Plastic Surgery is Otoplasty, which aims to correct the ears commonly known as “flappy ears” (Helix Valgus).

Through Otoplasty it is possible to correct the shape, proportion and position of the ear and/or the orientation of the pinna, situations resulting from congenital deformities or acquired deformities, which can affect uni or bilaterally.

The sensation of ears that are too far from the head can be due to a greater development of cartilage or the absence of the natural curvatures of the ear, which can thus transmit an effect of greater size.

Since the congenital deformity is the main reason for seeking this treatment, it is recommended that children suffering from this alteration be treated during pre-school age in order to avoid unwanted comments and possible psychological traumas during their growth.

The scar of an Otoplasty is located behind the ear – in the furrow between the ear and the skull – and for this reason is difficult to see.

Surgical time: 60 minutes


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Frequently Asked Questions

Before any procedure is carried out, an assessment appointment should be scheduled. It is at this moment that, according to your needs and objectives, you will be presented with a personalised treatment plan appropriate to your situation, and where you can clarify all your doubts in order to move forward in an informed and conscious manner.

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Due to the highly personalized follow-up policy that our team offers (24h/per day), you will have to stay in Portugal for a period of 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the surgery performed.

The performance of tests (analysis, x-ray, ultrasound, among others) will depend on the surgical intervention to be performed.

It is possible to have a consultation by video call. You can schedule your consultation here.

Fundamentally, before any surgical procedure it is necessary to adopt universal measures such as control of known diseases, balanced diet, weight maintenance and stop smoking. The care that follows will be personalised according to the surgery to be performed.

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